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Solid Wood Stair Treads at Lamella Trading 

When it comes to home renovation, homeowners are often focused on re-walling, re-flooring, re-designing living spaces, or obtaining new furniture. In such cases, existing staircases do not receive the necessary attention and are left untreated. If you want an overhaul of your current stairs or even enhance your layout with a new staircase, hardwood is a wonderful addition to your property. Solid wood stair treads make a dramatic complement to the overall appearance of your home. They showcase your exquisite taste and lend the interior natural sophistication and luxury warmth.

At its core, a stair tread is the upper surface of a step you put your foot on. Treads can be rectangular, triangular, or rounded, depending on your staircase design. The tread and riser together form one step.

Not only interiors can be enhanced with wooden stair treads. Indeed, precious wood steps can be effectively used outdoors to facilitate access to a terrace, a garden, or different levels in your yard, while heightening the visual impact of the whole exterior and improving traffic flow.

Along with being elegant and minimizing movement inconveniences, timber stair treads bring a bunch of other benefits. Here are the main features of oak stair cladding to help you resolve the destiny of your staircases.

Merits behind hardwood stair treads

When manufactured professionally in line with the industry’s best practices, oak stair treads will last for decades to come, easily withstanding heavy usage. Unlike, for example, carpet, solid wood steps do not tend to stain, and they do not collect dirt which may be an issue if there are allergy or asthma sufferers in the household. Additionally, they are quite easy to refinish, meaning, you can refresh their appearance with minimal effort and cost at any time you wish. It’s up to you to add handrails, balusters, and other components to your solid wood staircase treads for the ultimate convenience and appeal of the stairway.

Stress-free cleaning 

When it comes to cleaning, a carpeted stair proves to be the hell of a job. Made of fabric, carpets do trap dirt and dust, and they also provide an ideal environment for microscopic parasites. When you step on a carpeted staircase, you can “enjoy” a release of all these allergens into the air, with all the consequences imaginable. However, it is not the case with natural wood stair treads. Such a staircase covering requires only periodic half-dry mopping to stay clean and shiny.


Covering your staircase with wooden stairs provides an aristocratic, yet, contemporary feel to your home, and they also can contribute to its overall safety. Modern stair treads in the UK are covered with special finishes to prevent slippage, which is a crucial consideration for families with small kids, seniors, or members with restricted mobility.

Wear and tear

Natural oak stair treads take the brunt of everyday usage, hardly developing the signs of tear and wear. The lifespan of solid wood covering for staircases is, at, least, 100 years, if installed and treated properly. Surely, if you have big pets in your home, they can scratch wood stair treads with their paws, but it is not easy to do, indeed.

Better inner air

Unlike carpeting, oak stair cladding does not accumulate dust, pet dander, particulate matter, and other allergens, which positively affects the quality of indoor air and significantly improves the life of allergy sufferers.

Improved in-home acoustics 

Genuine oak stair treads also improve acoustics in your home. They muffle hollow sounds and vibrations that may often happen.

Eco-friendly material

Some homeowners may refrain from installing timber stair treads due to the concern of deforestation. However, oak stair parts are highly sustainable because the United Kingdom developed strict forest protection and management programs to ensure the number of these trees is properly maintained in forests and every just-cut tree is replaced with a new planted one. We at Lamella Trading highly value sustainability, and we domestically source valuable timber from renewed forests.

A diversity of wood stair treads

Lamella Trading is a UK-based B2B manufacturer and supplier of natural materials and components with organic textures for floors, decks, and stairs. We are proud to offer you an extensive range of precious wood stair treads and stair risers of ultimate quality, yet, at very competitive prices. We select and supply the finest oaks from domestic sustainable forests to ensure the steps made from them add splendor and character to your home.

Thanks to their organic textures, authentic oak stair treads are an excellent way to refurbish the look and feel of your staircase. They are a smart combination of durability, easy installation, affordability, and appeal, turning your existing staircase into a focal point of your home.

Our oak stair cladding is available in different lengths: 1000 mm, 1200 mm, 1500 mm. Their grades of thickness are 18 mm, 20 mm, 22 mm, and the widths are 270 mm, 290 mm, 310 mm. Such convenient characteristics ensure that our treads can be used with every style, size, and shape of your staircase.

As for their types, our solid wood stair treads can be one-layered, three-layered, and three-layered laced with lamellas stair treads, coming with both and without nosing. Nosing is a decorative element in which the step protrudes slightly above the riser, creating a rounded shape on each step. This can be done to avoid bare wood grain at the end of the tread or to achieve a classical staircase finish.

As for the front edge, our precious wood stair treads can be:

  • Bullnose. They are essentially starting steps placed at the bottom of your staircase. A bullnose tread has protruding circular sections at one or both ends of the tread. Thanks to such a design, a bullnose tread has a decorative effect and becomes the finishing touch to the staircase. Such treads shall be used with bullnose risers to create a slightly rounded bottom step. If your staircase is open on both sides, you can opt for a double bullnose staircase tread.
  • Rounded-edge. They are made to be used with rounded-edge risers and look quite similar to the bullnose treads. However, in rounded-edge steps, circular sections on either one or both sides are a little more protruding. Such a design allows placing newel caps, posts, and balusters boosting the functionality and beauty of the stairway.
  • Square-edge. Such a nosing style included a square shape of a tread with tight edges. It is an all-time classical design of stair steps that never goes out of fashion.

Buying oak stair treads in the UK

Your shopping for solid wood stair treads in the UK will be free of any inconveniences if you choose Lamella Trading. We endeavor to maximally simplify the process to save your precious time. You can buy high-end oak stair treads in the United Kingdom from the comfort of your home, without a need to visit a local retailer. For this, you only need to:

  • choose the required quantity and size;
  • provide your contact information in the special form on our website;
  • choose a payment method – Credit/debit card and PayPal.

As easy as that. Once we receive your inquiry, our manager will immediately get in touch with you to discuss the details and confirm your order. Should you need professional advice or have some questions about wooden stair treads in the UK, you can call us at +44 744 096 3956, and our managers will be happy to offer their help and expertise. If you want so, you can place a callback request on the homepage of our website, and we will call you at the time that suits you.