3D Wood Wall Panels / Wall Tiles "Mountain Oak Natural"

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Price for unit
£ 14.83
Price your flooring
W x L
Area, m2
1 boxes
will cover 0.51
£ 14.83
£ 17.79
will cover 0.51
Wood type Oak
Tile consists of 20 mosaic pieces (4 p. of 45х45 mm and 16 p. of 90х45 mm)
Tile dimensions 0.0729 m², 270x270 mm
Box 0.51 m², 7 tiles
Basis Alkali-resistant fiberglass mesh ССА-145 4х4, EN 13496
Covering Multilayer transparent oil wax (UV-Oil)

The mosaic is made of oak wood coated with environmentally friendly oil wax. Each element of the wooden mosaic is folded manually.
Wall panels can be combined with all styles and materials.  The wooden mosaic of the “Natural” collection is ideal for those who truly appreciate the unique color and shades of natural wood, as well as the outstanding aesthetics of nature.

These beautiful panels can be used for a wide variety of living spaces, such as kitchen, living room, dining room, hall, bedroom, and in commercial projects like restaurants, bars, cafes, offices, beauty salons, boutiques, etc.

Mosaic panels of 270х270 mm consist of 20 mosaic pieces (4 mosaic pieces of 45х45 mm and 16 mosaic pieces of 90х45 mm) of 4 mm, 6 mm, and 8 mm thick.

The main advantages of the wooden mosaic are:
•  Easy to install
•  Eco friendly
•  Suitable for any decor

Basis:         Alkali-resistant fiberglass mesh ССА-145 4х4, EN 13496.
Covering:  Multilayer transparent oil wax (UV-Oil).
Wood:       The mosaic panels are manufactured from 100 % oak wood
Box:           Each box contains 7 panels and covers 0.51 m².


Note: The actual color of the panels may vary slightly from the image on the screen, it depends on the individual monitor settings!
Each panel in the package consists of strips with a unique and non-repeating wood pattern.
The product is made of natural wood, the color and shade of wood may vary slightly.