Mounting rail (Thermo Pine)

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Wood Thermo-modified Pine
Length 2000-4000
Width 60
Thickness 40

A lively pattern of natural pine and warm caramel color will allow you to discover the aesthetic advantage of the terrace made of natural wood. However, the thermo pine-tree is not only beautiful but also surprisingly durable. This conifer, which is considered to be a soft type of wood acquires such a feature in the process of special heat treatment.

The heat treatment process involves heating wood above its burning temperature through exposure to steam.  From this point, pine gains a number of undeniable advantages for the arrangement of terraces, as well as various internal and external applications.  Heat treatment of pine removes resin from the wood, giving the unique strength and solidity.

– Wood species from European forests;
– Extremely hard-wearing;
– Risk of mold, fungus, and pest attack greatly reduced;
– Water absorption significantly reduced through thermal treatment;
– Good value for money.