Decking Board (Thermo Ash) grooved 20x120

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Price per m2 Price / m2
£ 61.67
£ 74.00
£ 24.99
£ 29.99
Price per box Price / box
£ 61.67
£ 74.00
£ 24.99
£ 29.99
Price per sample
£ 3.5
Price your flooring
W x L
Area, m2
1 boxes
will cover 1
£ 24.99
£ 29.99
will cover 1
Wood Thermo-modified Ash
Length 800-3000
Width 120
Thickness 20

Thermally modified ash decking represents the wood flooring which is used to cover outdoor surfaces. The heat-treated ash is naturally resistant to the action of external agents and does not require special treatments for conservation. The thermal modification process utilizes only high temperatures over 180°C and steam, which makes the wood even more durable and dimensionally stable without the use of chemical additives. The cell walls of the wood are changed so that they can hardly absorb any more water. It can safely be burned or recycled after its long service life it is an ecological solution, simple and versatile in design, perfect for covering steps, terraces, gardens, balconies, patios, pool edges, walkways and gazebos, for decoration of out and indoor spaces. It can be laid from scratch or on existing floors.

– Attractive medium brown appearance;
– Extremely hard-wearing;
– Risk of mould, fungus and pest attack greatly reduced;
– Water absorption significantly reduced through thermal treatment;
– Will accept all proprietary brands of surface treatment or deck oils;
– Leach free – no residue or colour tone will leach from our decking;
– Less cupping and distortion than un-modified timber, less maintenance;
– Can be cut, drilled, notched etc. with standard woodworking tools without affecting the durability or colour.

Please note that as decking is manufactured from a natural product, board colouration can vary – even between those cut from the same tree.