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Creating a luxurious appeal to your property with solid wood flooring

Minimally treated, thus preserving its natural gorgeous aesthetics, solid wood flooring is an all-time classic that effectively blends in any interior, adding character and coziness to the whole ambiance. Along with looking noble and exquisite, hardwood offers unparalleled sound insulation and noise absorption qualities.

The smooth warm surface of hardwood is always a pleasure to walk on; its strength is phenomenal and unbeatable – due to extremely hard wearing properties, solid wood flooring and decking boards can last as long as the building itself hardly developing visible signs of tear and wear.

Made of valuable, sturdy timber like ash or oak, a solid wooden floor can be re-sanded and re-finished multiple times eliminating scratches, marks, and scuffs without the need to perform floor repair or complete reinstallation. Versatile as nature itself, hardwood coverage comes in all styles, cuts, and colors imaginable, helping homeowners create a space truly unique and distinctive.

Given the unrivaled durability, solid flooring is a smart choice for premises with intensive traffic and heavy exploitation such as common areas at home and offices, kitchens, sitting and dining rooms, saunas, and terraces.

The fabrication of solid wood flooring

Literally milled from trunks of precious tree species, solid wooden floor is expectedly a bit more expensive than parquet flooring, laminate or engineered wood floors in which only the top layer is made of real wood. Lumber suppliers deliver raw beams to the manufacturer’s facilities where the material will then be sawn, air-dried, and prepared for sale.

Air-drying is a mandatory process to remove moisture, and it may last for several months depending on the type of wood and the climate it grew. After air-drying, it is necessary to increase the stability of the future wood floors. For this, the lumber is put into heat-controlled chambers to be exposed to extreme (yet beyond the ignition point) temperatures to eliminate any remaining organic content, ensuring it will not ever become a breeding ground for bacteria, fungi, or mold.

The dried woods are ready for cutting. The style of the cut includes

  • flat sawing which renders the timber a characteristic triangular grain;
  • quarter sawing where the woods are divided up into quarters;
  • rift sawing when the material acquires a horizontal grain.

The cut planks are often equipped with tongues and grooves to facilitate installation and prevent warp with time. Once milled to the desired dimensions, the wood flooring and decking boards are sanded and coated with special lacquer or oil, either transparent or colored to add an extra protection layer and enhance the appearance of the natural hardwood floor. The colored finish can easily be removed to apply the new one, allowing you to change your floor coloration without much effort.

Some manufacturers opt-out of finishing the cut hardwood floor planks granting the final customers the flexibility to finish the floor just the way they want.

Advantages driven by solid wood flooring

Along with an alluring appearance and impressive durability, solid wood flooring for sale in the UK offers a variety of other benefits you will enjoy if you decide to buy one for your property:

  • It reflects the owner’s sophisticated taste. Hardwood flooring adds a touch of elegance and splendor to your space, providing for great first impressions and making your home look more inviting.
  • Easy clearance. Solid wood flooring is incredibly low-maintenance. Periodic sweeping, mopping, and vacuum-cleaning are enough to keep that underneath surface look as new.
  • Added value to your property. Strong and durable, solid flooring will hardly need replacement if you sell your property and new owners would like to do some improvements. Homes with real wood flooring also tend to be sold much faster.
  • Clean, allergen-free indoor air. Hardwood flooring does not absorb dust, pet dander, microscopic bugs, and other notorious pollutants that can turn a life of an allergy-sufferer into a nightmare. Unlike other types of flooring, the hardwood does not have grout lines or embossing, meaning there is no place where tiny irritators may settle.
  • Remarkable ROI. Despite the price of solid wood flooring for sale in the UK may be a bit higher compared to parquet or engineered flooring, in the long-term perspective, such a floor will turn out to be even cheaper. This flooring is unlikely to be damaged, it is easy to clean and maintain, refinishing is not an issue either – these qualities make solid flooring a cost-effective option in the long-run.

Solid wood floor from Lamella Trading

A proprietary manufacturing facility in London enables Lamella Trading roduce premium-class solid wood flooring at a highly competitive price because we have a shorter supply chain and quicker production cycle. Being into the business for over a decade already, we have built a reputation of a trusted, responsible, and innovative manufacturer and wood products supplier for B2B customers who want to offer their end-clients the uncompromised quality coupled with beautiful design and great performance.

To buy solid wood flooring for sale in the UK, you only need to provide us with:

  • the required footage of solid wood flooring;
  • your contact details;
  • the preferred payment method (a bank account or PayPal).

Once you have placed a quote inquiry, our sales rep will contact you to clarify the details and confirm the order.

If you have any questions, you can apply for a callback using the feedback form on our website’s home page or just by calling us by +44 744 096 3956.

For those willing to come to us and see the whole production process in real, here is our address: Loakes Place, 30 High Street, High Wycombe, England, HP11 2AG