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Solid Wood Parquet Flooring
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Wooden parquet flooring — adding a touch of sophistication to your property

Floor covering is one of the main attractions of the property, so it should be beautiful, endurable, and pleasant to walk on above all else. One of the most preferred floor coatings today is wooden parquet flooring that consists of individual wooden planks or blocks placed together to form a parquet pattern.

Parquet planks are produced of hardwood of different types and grains such as oak, birch, ash, rosewood, walnut, and other durable wood species, which makes this covering exceedingly strong and gorgeous.

The way how parquet can be arranged is only limited to your imagination, though the all-time popular patterns include herringbone, chevron, brick wall, checkerboard, mosaic, basket weave, and Versailles.

Though the modern home design market offers a great variety of flooring options, solid wood parquet flooring defies all competition with its unbeatable advantages. The most prominent benefits of parquet flooring for home contain:

  • Exquisite appearance. Real parquet floor covering boasts an utterly exquisite look since it is manufactured of exceptionally natural solid wood, which renders it that classical, luxury appeal.
  • Durability. In this context, the parquet floor is second-to-none. Fabricated from hardwood, parquet is a priory staunch. It is literally everlasting and can easily withstand the trials of intensive traffic hardly showing any signs of tear and wear over the decades.
  • Naturalness and hypoallergenicity. Parquet does not contain any dangerous chemical compounds; it does not collect dust and, unlike many other floorings, it never emits harmful volatile substances after being mounted. Since it does not trap dust, there will be much fewer allergens in the home. It is also valued for its excellent sound absorption, sound insulation, and no-slippage.
  • Easy maintenance. Parquet floor coverage is the best option when it comes to cleaning. Periodic sweeping and mopping are everything it takes to keep such a floor looking as new. It never develops stains or absorbs odors.
  • Budget friendliness. Parquet flooring allows you to stay not only style-savvy but cost-wise. Despite being produced from solid wood, parquet runs the gamut of types, finishes, and designs to fit even the tightest budget. Given its nearly eternal lifespan, the parquet floor promises a considerable ROI in perspective.

How is parquet flooring manufactured?

The production of parquet involves the use of prestigious wood species. Traditionally it is oak, walnut, ash, beech as well as some exotic species such as olive, merbau, cocoa tree. These timber breeds effectively withstand extreme temperatures, and they are highly resistant to moisture and decay. As for dimensions, standard parquet blocks are 15 mm — 22 mm thick, 200 — 500 mm long, and 50 — 90 mm wide.

The new solid wood parquet flooring, supplied in the UK is produced in the following stages:

  • Solid wood is sawn up into boards.
  • The resulted workpieces are then placed into a timber-drying kiln for nearly a month to dry up.
  • Once the process of desiccation is over, completely dried planks are sorted out. The planks containing any defects are thrown out.
  • The rest workpieces are then cut into blocks or segments of the desired form, all of the same sizes.
  • The future parquet blocks then go through the milling process to cut the necessary tongues and grooves.
  • The parquet flooring is nearly ready, now it is time to polish it thoroughly, removing the slightest surface imperfections.
  • Almost done, polished parquet blocks are applied with several layers of protective coatings (special varnishes and oils).

The technology may differ slightly from manufacturer to manufacturer, but the general principle of parquet production looks as described above.

Lamella Trading parquet

Lamella Trading is your trustful source of high-quality prefabricated wood products and timber across the whole of Europe. Has been into the business for over 10 years already, we built a reputation of a reliable, innovative, and dedicated manufacturer and B2B supplier of flooring solutions for customers who expect nothing short of excellence.

We work with all types of solid wood including but not limited to natural oak, ash, walnut, and pine producing floor coatings, decking boards, wall tiles, lamellas, and wood furniture panels of impeccable quality and fancy design.

Having proprietary production facilities enables us to offer the most affordable parquet flooring prices in the UK. We produce customized wood interior elements within a shorter time thus ensuring the achieved result is flawless in quality and appearance as surely as it completely meets the customer’s requirements.

When you buy wood parquet of our production, you literally buy yourself irreproachable quality coupled with a palatial appearance. We produce our parquet using the state-of-the-art wood-drying and processing technologies with an attentive eye given to every detail to make sure the resulted product features supreme durability, still preserving the natural appeal of solid wood.

Equipped with a tongue/groove system, our parquet flooring in the UK can be easily installed on a subfloor using either nails or glue, so that the outcome will gladden you for many years to come.

Buying parquet flooring in the UK

If you want to buy solid wood parquet for sale in the United Kingdom, all you have to do is contacting Lamella Trading and providing some information to place an order:

  • The required area;
  • Your contact details;
  • The preferred payment option (a bank account or PayPal).

Once the order is placed, our manager will contact you to clarify all the details including the final parquet flooring cost for your particular project and confirm the order.

Should you have any questions or need a professional consultation before buying the parquet floor in the UK, feel free to contact Lamella Trading by email or phone +44 744 096 3956.

Head Office address is Loakes Place, 30 High Street, High Wycombe, England, HP11 2AG.