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Enhance your environments with thermo-treated decking boards

An all-the-rage lifestyle concept, thermally modified decking boards provide a great alternative to obsolescent hard terraces, porches, and patios. Indeed, a comprehensive home improvement solution, timber decking expands the functionality of exterior environments, creates haute aesthetical appeal, and, let’s face it, boosts the property’s overall market value. If you want to make the most of your outdoors and add more social space to your building or garden, thermo-modified decking boards in the UK are the first option to consider.

Manufacturers that want to keep up with ever-increasing demands of discerning consumers, offer decking boards cut from thermally modified timber. Tempered with high temperatures, such boards are great to build long-lasting terraces, walkways, decks, garden paths, stairs, saunas, cladding, outdoor furniture, bridges, as well as be used for decoration purposes.

Exposed to desiccation and heat treatments at the production stage, hardwood decking boards are permanently resistant to moisture, decay, mold, and insects. Such decking never cracks, contracts, warps, or chips, which makes it the ideal choice for humid British climate with its ever-volatile temperatures and weather events.

Boasting excellent insulation qualities, thermally modified decking board counterweighs hot and cold changes, meaning it is always excellent to walk on, no matter the weather or time of a day. Freed from natural moisture, Lamella Trading ash wood decking boards are lightweight and dimensionally stable, thus they are extremely easy to install, adjust, and maintain. It is a sophisticated, durable, functional, eco-friendly solution for impressive outdoor landscaping.

Amazing advantages of wood decking boards

At Lamella Trading, premium-quality garden boards are meant to last and inspire. Our thermally-modified decking timber combines gorgeous design, great functionality, and off-the-scale longevity.

Thermal processing is a contemporary technique to enhance the characteristics of natural wood. Meant to eradicate any organic compounds from the composition, thermal treatment makes the timber exceedingly firm and stable to withstand the most severe external influences without ever losing its properties or beauty.

Heat-processed wood decking boards are an ideal floor covering not only for outdoor ambiances that are exposed to ever-twisting weather conditions, but indoor premises with intensive foot traffic as well. Thermally-treated hardwood decking boards effectively retain their proportions and prove to be more resistant to moisture, putrefaction, and fungi compared to untreated wood materials. Unheated timber will not survive in conditions exposed to humidity, extreme temperatures, and pest invasions, because it always reflects changes occurring in the surrounding environment.

All-natural and chemically pure, ash wood decking boards provide for a covetable, everlasting underfoot. Heat treatment ensures that such a floor will feature reduced thermal conductivity, meaning it will not overheat under the sun and get too cold amid freezing conditions.

Such decking does not contain formaldehyde or other synthetic components in its composition. It is an absolutely natural, eco-friendly material suitable for a broad range of indoor and outdoor applications. Surely, a luxurious extra to the property, the prices for decking boards are surprisingly affordable at Lamella Trading to fit the tightest budget.

Another unbeaten advantage of hardwood decking is that it does not require any coloration: natural timber is a priory lovely and comes with a unique wood grain to bring to your property a touch of elemental loftiness and warmth.

How are wood decking boards produced?

At Lamella Trading, we have proprietary production facilities backed by over a decade of experience at the sliced wood manufacturing market. We fabricate thermally-processed boards from natural ash wood.

The use of advanced technology is the key to producing long-lasting and visually appealing thermo-modified wood. We employ the industry’s best practices blended with the vast expertise and dedication of our engineers and technicians to release premium-class wood products for wood retailers, construction companies, architectural-design bureaus, and at the best price possible in the UK.

We way how we heat-treat hardwood generally looks like the following:

  • We carefully select the lumber.
  • We thoroughly sort and screen the supplied goods getting rid of any defective stuff.
  • The hand-picked timber is then sawn into boards.
  • The resulting boards are placed in a wood drying oven, then they are dried to 8-10% moisture.
  • The actual thermo-modification: the future decking boards are exposed to scalding high temperatures (185-215° C). The result of such exposure is wood clear from any chemicals or organic elements with supreme stability, excellent insulation, resistance to decay, insects, and fungi, and shape retention.
  • The final straight, the derived decking boards go through the milling process to develop the necessary lengths and grooves.
  • Decking planks are ready to be installed in your yard.

Lamella Trading never stop raising the standards for thermo-modified boards to stay at the forefront of the solid wood flooring products industry and offer the clients simply the best solutions. To ensure this, we implement the stringent quality control practices at every stage of the production chain, from the raw forest suppliers to the dispatch to the client. We never apply any chemicals in heat-treatment. Only hot temperatures and vapor are used to turn raw woods into ` and elegant flooring material that, by the way, can be easily recycled or disposed of without bringing any harm to the natural environment.

How to buy decking boards in the UK

Creating a dream outdoor retreat that strikes a balance between performance, longevity, and beauty involves taking these simple steps:

  • Browsing the Lamella Trading catalog of decking boards and deciding which option appeals to you most;
  • Calculating the required square area to be covered with premium decking;
  • Providing your contact details and specifying the preferred payment option (your bank account or PayPal).

As simple as that. Once we have got your request to buy decking boards online, our manager will get in touch with you to discuss all details and confirm the order. If you have some questions or uncertainties concerning the cost of decking boards for sale, the available options, or whatever, you can request a callback through the feedback form on our website’s home page or just call us by +44 744 096 3956.

Should you be willing to visit us and get a bigger picture of our production facilities to make a more informed, evidence-driven decision, here is our address: Loakes Place, 30 High Street, High Wycombe, England, HP11 2AG.

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