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Lamella Trading offers an ideal solution for those who seek a natural look on their facades, and can not resist the allure of pine.With its unique harmony to nature, perfect adaptation to weather conditions, and cost-benefit balance pine cladding products are carefully manufactured for your living spaces. Its knotty structure is the preference of those who love the traditional. In addition to its natural appearance, pine cladding products offer an economical solution for its customers. Being one of the most abundant species in nature the Pine is transformed into cladding with thermowood process to present you the most natural one in the best way. With Lamella Trading’s special grading principles, pine claddings are free of dead knots and knot holes.

The thermal modification process uses only heat (190 to 212 ° C) and steam. The final thermowood products are completely natural and do not contain any chemical additives.The technology takes into account the natural properties of wood. The production process is based on gradual thermal modification of wood, in which the chemical and physical properties of wood are constantly changing. Thermowood, can be used for decoration, cladding, pergolas, on facades and fences, as well as for interior cladding.

– Attractive appearance;
– Risk of mold, fungus, and pest attack greatly reduced;
– Water absorption significantly reduced through thermal treatment;
– Will accept all proprietary brands of surface treatment or deck oils;
– Leach free – no residue or colour tone will leach from our decking;
– Less cupping and distortion than un-modified timber, less maintenance;
– Can be cut, drilled, notched, etc. with standard woodworking tools without affecting the durability or colour.

Please note that as decking is manufactured from a natural product, board colouration can vary – even between those cut from the same tree.