The Cost of Refinishing Hardwood Floors

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There lots of merits behind hardwood floors. Exceedingly beautiful, naturally rich, exemplary durable, eco-friendly – outfitting bottoms in your home with precious timber is always a wise move promising a good return on investment. Indeed, solid wood is the only covering material that can easily be revitalized once it loses its freshness and develops signs of age.

Moreover, re-energizing solid wood flooring tiles is quite cheap, at least, comparing to a new installation. The whole process involves just sanding the surface to get rid of those unsightly marks of tear and wear, applying a quality color treatment, and fixing the result with a proper finish. As simple as that. A rejuvenated hardwood floor will look like a brand-new one: the same gorgeous, distinctive, and valuable. Now, you may be wondering how much does refinishing hardwood floors cost? Answers are below.

Average Costs of Wood Floor Refinishing

In the UK, a medium price of refinishing hardwood floors is $1700, ranging between $1000 and $2500. But it does not mean that your particular project will fit in this price bracket. Many factors may contribute to the final cost of refinishing hardwood floors, such as the tree type, the footage to be refreshed, seriousness of the deterioration, and the availability of floor restoring labor in your locality.

Speaking about an average price per square meter, you may expect as low as $3-$5, but chances are that your project is far away to be average. The ultimate cost may be affected by the complexity of work, including the arrangement of the planks (for example, the cost of restoration of traditional herringbone wood flooring tends to be lower comparing to more intricate patterns). The price per square meter may appear very affordable if you hire a contractor to restore bottoms in the whole house, as surely as it may turn out to be quite elevated if it is a single-room initiative.

If it is your solid wood staircase that requires regeneration, get ready to pay from $45 to $80 per stair tread. The price is a bit bloated, but it stems from the fact that smaller surfaces require more scrupulous work.

If it is a DIY endeavor, you may find yourself in a need of renting a sanding machine (surely, you can buy one, but is there a point in such a huge purchase if you will use the device once in a blue moon?) Leasing an upright sender will cost you nearly $60 per day and $250 per week. Chances are that you will need a machine for more than one day if you are going to revive flooring in every room.

Along with tackling the problem of sanding, DIYers will need to decide on the finish coating. Polyurethane protective coatings come at $40-$100 per gallon – their cost depends on the layer thickness they deliver and the product quality. One gallon is generally enough to apply two layers on an area of 300 square meters. Polyurethane finishes can be both water- and oil-based, each form has its advantages and disadvantages. Such as, oil finishes are believed to provide more durable protection, while water-based solutions are easier to apply, which makes sense for DIY fixers.

How much does a professional hardwood refinish cost?

You may not feel like sanding and refinishing hardwood floors on your own, but delegate this difficult task to an expert. Here are your approximate expenses if you resort to a pro to renew the aesthetics of your parquet flooring:

·         Deep refinish, including gap repair, removal of a top layer, and covering the surface with several layers of new finish: $2-$5 per square meter.

·         If the floor is in good condition and only requires the elimination of scuff marks and discoloration, you may go without sanding, just recoating. Get ready to pay nearly $1.5 per square meter.

·         For custom refinishing that requires skills and instruments with the application of special finishes and coatings (for instance, acid-cured finish), you may be charged nearly $4-$5 per square meter.   

The cost for sanding and refinishing hardwood floors hugely depends on the competence and reputation of the contractor as well as the overall market situation in your community. The same services may cost differently in ritzy neighborhoods and mediocre areas, so to know the truth, you just need to contact a local home renovation company for a free quote.

How much does DIY wood floor refinish cost?

If you are good with your hands and can tackle the refinishing hardwood floors process without professional help, you, along with obtaining a special sanding instrument, will need to purchase stains and sealants to face-lift your floor. These products generally cost somewhat $120-$230 per unit, and the total project essentially depends on the area size and the materials used.

While the do-it-yourself option sounds tempting, be aware that the revitalization of solid wood flooring is not as easy as it seems. Let’s face it: is it really simple to properly sand hardwood parquet with all its hard-to-access corners and skirting boards? The renewal of wood floors brings lots of mess and sawdust, even if you use a machine that captures most of the waste.

Also, remember that before you take the plunge, you will have to toil and moil to remove all the carpets, furniture, and other ground-standing things to prepare the floor for treatment. What makes things worse is the necessity to cover simply everything in your home to prevent dust and debris from damaging your belongings during the sanding stage, which is also quite a backbreaking job.  

How to choose a professional?

Finding a reliable professional is half the battle. Though outsourcing a well-versed craftsman can influence the ultimate price for refinishing hardwood floors, the result may bring greater value in the future. Only an experienced woodworker has both professional know-how and a toolbox to repolish the solid wood floor, so it shines and performs as new, without leaving ugly drips and visible lines on the surface when staining.

An excellent job is provided by an excellent worker, so it is wise if you hire a certified wood refinisher to have peace of mind that the project will be handled as needed. The best professionals are accredited by the British Wood Flooring Association.

Here are a few questions to ask a contractor before entrusting him with your hardwood floor refinishing project:

·         Does your quote include moving furniture/appliances and covering things in the home, or does this service come at an extra price?

·         How long have you been in the business? May I know about your references?

·         How long will it take you to complete the project? Do I have to move from my home whilst you are refinishing my floors?

·         Is cleaning included in your quote? Will the refinisher clean the rooms and bring all the furniture/appliances back?

·         What are your payment options? Do I have to pay the whole sum in advance or just make a small deposit and provide the remaining sum when the work is completed and accepted?

·         What are your warranties? Who is responsible for any damage caused to my property during a floor refinishing process?

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