Parquet flooring pros and cons

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An eternal classic, parquet flooring is a gorgeous addition to a property, and it also helps to create a cozy and impressive inner atmosphere. Produced from precious hardwood pieces like oak, walnut, or ash, to name just three of many, parquet is meant to last for generations, and its beauty and performance hardly get compromised, provided it is cared for properly.

Homes with solid wood flooring cost significantly higher at the market. Thanks to its all-naturalness, extreme durability, and sophisticated appearance, hardwood underneath never falls out of favor with customers who value quality.

However, many owners often hesitate about installing solid wood flooring, and for a reason. Despite being absolutely fascinating and distinctive, the parquet does have some pitfalls you shall be aware of before pouring your hard-earned money into this bottom covering. Learn about parquet flooring advantages and disadvantages before making a purchasing decision.

Pros and cons of parquet flooring

Pro: Mesmerizing Look

Hardwood flooring is second-to-none in terms of aesthetics and natural appeal. Its power to make the room look noble, exquisite, and tasteful is undeniable. From times immemorial, parquet flooring has been used in homes of wealthy and aristocratic people as one of the ways to emphasize their high status and prosperity. When professionally installed and carefully looked after, parquet covering beautifies the surroundings and showcases your excellent taste.

Pro: Uncomplicated Maintenance

A true sample of longevity, parquet flooring can easily stand the test of time. An interesting tidbit about the parquet is that it is surprisingly easy to maintain. Sweeping or vacuum-cleaning a couple of times per week and periodic treatment with a dedicated hardwood floor detergent are adequate measures to keep this floor shine. Just avoid using harsh chemicals, abrasives, and rough materials when sprucing up the parquet to preclude unsightly scratches and discoloration. Also, do not wash the parquet floor with too much water and keep the innate humidity level at 30%-50% as the parquet can be affected by excessive water content.

Pro: A Guaranteed Return of Investment

When mounted, sealed, and kept as needed, the parquet floor can last for decades. It enjoys all the strength of solid wood pieces, while the application of modern technologies and treatments during the manufacturing process only reinforces the qualities of parquet making it suitable to be used in heavy-traffic areas with lots of movable furniture. Parquet can be re-sanded or re-stained over time – the luxury that is unimaginable with other floor types. If one of the parquet planks gets damaged, it can easily be replaced or fixed without the necessity to repair or reinstall the whole floor.

Pro: Increased Value

Since parquet is the only flooring whose freshness and features can be restored, properties with parquet tend to be more valuable in the real estate market. Besides that, the look of the parquet can easily be changed to match the interior style and the owner’s taste, which explains why accommodations with parquet and solid wood decking boards are in great demand.

Pro: A Huge Variety of Materials and Styles

Another allure behind parquet flooring is that the way how it can be installed is only limited by your imagination. Since each wood plank has a unique grain, it is possible to achieve an unrepeatable color scheme and texture throughout the entire floor, making a stylish statement of your individuality. Being produced from various precious hardwoods and cut in all possible shapes and sizes, parquet boards provide an ocean of opportunities for experimentation.

Con: It Can Develop Scratches

Continuing the speculation over parquet flooring pros and cons, it is worth mentioning that this coating is subjected to scratching. Legs of massive furniture that is also moved often can leave marks on such a floor, disgracing its beauty. Fortunately, the original look of parquet can be effortlessly revived if undertaken by a well-versed carpenter. Sweeping the floor regularly will prevent the buildup of dust and dirt, eliminating the risk of abrasion. For further protection, it is advised to use entrance mats and avoid walking on the parquet in high-heeled shoes.

Con: Sensitive to Sunlight

Direct aggressive prolonged sunlight can make the parquet floor fade. To avoid this, you can use thick curtains, shades, or roller blinds on your window as well as to apply special oil on your parquet with UV filters.

Con: Affected by Excessive Moisture

Because of its naturalness, the parquet flooring can be damaged by exorbitant humidity content. If liquid spills are left for long on such a floor, they will get through the wood, affecting it from within, which may ultimately result in cracking and wrapping. To avoid this, use only a slightly damp mop/cloth when cleaning the parquet and remove the spills ASAP.

Con: Needs Periodic Sealing and Polishing

If placed in intensively used rooms especially when there are reckless children and pets, the parquet flooring will tend to show signs of damage. To ensure it sparkles as new, the parquet flooring needs to be periodically polished, sanded and sealed. Parquet refinishing may be quite expensive depending on the breed of the wood, the deterioration level, the type of finish, and other factors.

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