Clever maintenance of wooden flooring

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Opting for a parquet floor is all about adding a touch of classic elegance and sophistication to the whole room – so amazing and noble it looks! Made of 100% natural hardwood like oak, ash, maple, walnut to name a very few, parquet planks do come in all possible grains, shapes, colors, and types. This allows for creating a unique, fanciful underneath mosaic that is as impressive and distinctive as the taste of a homeowner.

So, the wood floor is an eternal classic, a decision that can never be wrong, luxury in its purest. And like any other exquisite thing, the parquet floor does need care, otherwise, its beauty and performance will not delight you for as long as theoretically possible – for several decades, at least. Despite all its gorgeousness and refinement, solid wood flooring is surprisingly easy to maintain. These essential tips will teach you how to take care of parquet flooring so its appearance and durability are never compromised.

What factors can ruin parquet flooring and how to avoid it?

Know your enemy to beat him wisely. In the context of the parquet flooring in the UK, you should be aware of factors that may have a serious impact on such a coating.


Since it is an all-natural material, parquet may react to environmental changes, so it is vital to save your floor from facing extreme conditions such as too dry or too damp air, drastic changes of outside/inside temperatures, drafts, frosts, and an overall harsh climate. Just think of it: when it is too hot, the floor may sightly heat up, causing the boards to expand. When it is suddenly cold, the wooden boards cool as well, resulting in floor contraction. Since climate and weather conditions do alternate several times a year, the floor will inevitably be subjected to such changes, gradually weakening over time. To ensure your hardwood floors stay as beautiful and strong as new, you need to keep a stable temperature in your premises. It is recommended to get a smart HVAC system that will adjust an optimal microclimate for the home, thus preventing the floor from losing its properties and appeal.

Excessive moisture

Again because of its naturalness, the parquet floor may be affected by an inadequate dampness concentration within the space. A favorable humidity level for hardwood floor is 30%-50%, otherwise, such a floor may develop signs of gapping, splitting, or cupping. Elevated humidity levels in rooms take longer to fully evaporate. Prolonged retention of water in a home will ultimately lead to floor deformation – it hurts! Using a modern air conditioner, an HVAC system, or humidifier allows for keeping an optimal humidity level within home confines. For this reason, it is advised to wipe the spills off the parquet immediately and not to wash hardwood floors with big amounts of water. Here you can learn more on how to clean your parquet floor, so it stays durable and beautiful.

Mechanical impact

Though hardwood flooring is one of the strongest covering, it, still, may develop scratches. The pets’ claws, shoes with stiletto heels and even furniture legs can leave unsightly marks on such a floor. The maintenance of wooden flooring for such cases includes getting animal nails done regularly, avoiding walking on the parquet in street shoes, and attaching special felt sliders on the furniture feet. Also, try not to drop any heavy objects on the parquet, especially those with sharp corners or irregular shapes.


Of course, dirt, dust, and sand are unlikely to scratch or damage the parquet coating. But if left untreated, these may spoil the wonderful appearance of parquet, since tiny litter and dust can accumulate in the joints between the wooden planks. How to deal with this? Above all, clean the floor regularly and thoroughly with a vacuum cleaner and a semi-damp microfiber cloth or sponge. Do not use brushes or brooms with harsh bristles. Avoid cleaning up the parquet flooring with aggressive detergents that contain ammonia, bleach, abrasives, or acids. Place a rug or a mat at the entrance – they will help to retain the sand and small stones. It is quite useless to cover the parquet floor with carpets – they will not protect it from the sand or dust. In fact, all the tiny debris will just build up under the carpets, making it easier for ugly scratches to appear.

Sufficient parquet floor care does not revolve exclusively around cleaning and keeping it dry. It also takes periodic refreshing (re-oiling, re-waxing, or re-varnishing, depending on the type of the finish your parquet has) as well as the use of dedicated hardwood floor solutions and products to keep it looking great. What makes parquet flooring outstanding and unbeatable is that it even can be sanded down to remove the signs of tear and wear and have a new lease of life – other floor coverings can hardly offer the same opportunity!

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